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Runescape Has Made $800 Million, Old School Runescape Open Beta Arrives on Android

2018-07-12 Old School Runescape developer Jagex has revealed that the franchise in its 17 years of existing has made more than 800 million dollars in lifetime sales. In addition, some other stats were given about the series and its three MMO variations. According to Jagex CEO Phil Mansell, there have been more than 250 million player accounts created in the span of its life and that number is still growing consistently.

‘Old School RuneScape’ MMORPG Beta Out Now on Android

2018-07-10 It was announced about a year ago, but it’s finally close to coming to fruition: Old School Runescape is out now on Google Play in an open beta. This is a revival of a 2007-era instance of Runescape, and it looks the part: it’s got the old school graphics, and plays like a classic MMORPG. In fact, it’s probably the truest MMORPG on mobile, just by the nature of being an actual PC MMORPG where the only change was to adapt the game for mobile interfaces.

Runescape Patch Notes 226: What’s Changed in the July 2 Update?

2018-07-05 Whether you know your Zezimas from your Kalphite Queens or just fancy another spin at the MMORPG that once took over the world, the Runescape patch notes 226 for the July 2 update might just tempt you back into the fold. No, really. There’s an emphasis on Elite Dungeon fixes, which should see even the most jaded adventurer want to return to Jagex’s jewel in the crown.

Runescape's most iconic quest gets a sequel after 16 years.

2018-01-21 Runescape's Dragon Slayer quest is now 16 years old, it now has a proper sequel titled.

RuneScape Players Embark on Mysterious Journey to Find Santa

2017-12-19 RuneScape players will be able to take part in a holiday mystery starting today called "The G-Nome Project".

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