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For the fans, football game has a boundless charm. Everyone in the game can run on the pitch and enjoy the fun of football. EA's FIFA series has won warm praise from players in the past and the new work has been continuously created for the series. Recently, the EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed FIFA 18 will be sale in 2017. He said: "FIFA 18 will be established on the basis of the story mode developed by us, beyond that layers will return to the journey of the second season and it will add new roles and new stories in FIFA 18. Our development team in Vancouver is building a new gaming experience, including full of innovative ultimate football team and we are making the most emotional and interconnecting FIFA experience."

FIFA 18 should continue to use Frost 3 engine development, landing on PC, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms.

As we all know FIFA coin (fut coins) is exactly the most needed material in the ultimate team mode. Buy card bags, sign players, collect props...all of these cost FIFA 18 coins in every way. More often than not, FIFA coins can be got by constant competition. However, due to the lack of reward in a single race and player cards will continue to consume the number of contracts and physical abilities,it is very difficult to accumulate capital.

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EA Sports Bring FIFA18 to Forest Green Rovers

2017-08-11 As Forest Green Rovers embark on their debut season in the Football League, it is also their first landing into the gaming world with FIFA 18. Celebrating a season of firsts and a milestone moment, the club and EA Sports opened the doors to The New Lawn and offered the clubs' players and exclusive opportunity to be scanned into the forthcoming game.

FIFA 18 Introduce New Skill Move That Will Really, Really Annoy Your Opponent

2017-07-31 To the delight of everyone in the SPORTbible office, we are just over two months away from the worldwide release of FIFA 18 on September 29.

FIFA 18: EA Sports releases new crossing mechanism

2017-07-22 EA Sports continues to tease the release of their most awaited video game franchise FIFA 18 and have taken the next step in making the game even better than it already was.

The story mode of FIFA 18 exposes the Nike jerseys of the Chelsea club

2017-07-14 EA Sports officials have revealed the new Nike jerseys in the 2017/18 season in an interview with foreign media and also introduced the Alex Hunter who is the main player role in FIFA 18’s story mode.

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