Five Things You Should Do First in ‘The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind’

  • Date: 2017-06-25
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Morrowind is the latest chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing players of Skyrim back to iconic Vvardenfell. The expansion is available to players both old and new and has no specific level requirements. Whether you’re a long-time player or venturing into Vvardenfell for the first time, here are five things you should do if you first arrive in Morrowind.

Play the “New Player” Quests

Morrowind offers a number of new quests worth picking up by all players. The first is the tutorial – mandatory for new players, but veterans should resist the urge to click “Skip” because it offers some additional insight into Vvardenfell. In it, you’re captured by slavers but are ultimately freed by Naryu Virian, one of the key characters in Morrowind.

Another key early quest is “The Missing Prophecy,” which can be picked up from an NPC at an inn in any major city. This quest will help new players understand the history of Morrowind and also introduce them to Azura, the Queen of Dawn and Dusk.

“The Missing Prophecy” also highlights the Daedra: immortal creatures from the planes of Oblivion who still remain in Tamriel even after the defeat of Molag Bal. Completing the quest rewards players with the Twilight Shard, a dazzling memento created to pay tribute to Queen Azura – making this quest worthwhile for vets as well.

Explore Iconic Vvardenfell

Whether you begin The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind with a new character or travel with your existing hero to Vvardenfell via a wayshrine, your first view in this vast new land is Sedya Need, a port town under the control of House Hlaalu. From here, players can travel by Silt Strider to key locations around the Island including Molag Mar, Gnisis, Tel Mora, Balmora and Vivec City. There is no fee, and the locations are not difficult to spot.

Try Out the New Warden Class

With the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, came the first new class release since the initial launch of ESO. Unique to their class, the Warden uses the power of nature to cure, protect, and destroy. Using the energy of Green Balance, the Warden draws healing and boons from plant life to use on themselves or allies. They can use the power of Winter’s Embrace to manipulate ice and frost to create defensive barriers and shields.

The Warden’s abilities also provide them with allies that can be summoned from the local wildlife. Such creatures include the Cliff Racer that dive-bombs the enemy, the Betty Netch that restores attributes, and the Feral Guardian, a loyal grizzly to fight at their side.

The Warden can fulfill the role of healer, damage dealer (DPS), or tank, making them a rather versatile class. With multiple skill lines available, players can easily develop the Warden to fit their current play style.

With over 30 hours of content, there are plenty of things to do and see in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. For more information or gameplay help, be sure to visit The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

Learn the Story of the Three Houses

The island of Vvardenfell is controlled by members of the Great Houses. They live by their own rules, although some do claim allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact. House Redoran controls the southern and southwestern coasts and shares rule with the Tribunal Temple in Vivec City. House Telvanni controls the eastern coast, where its members prefer isolation from their Dark Elf cousins. The members of House Hlaalu, while primarily controlling Seyda Neen, have placed themselves all around Vvardenfell, particularly in marketplaces and great halls.

In addition to the main story of Vivec, adventurers of Vvardenfell will come across quests that will lead them directly into the path of these Great Houses. Players will learn more about the politics of Vvardenfell from a most unusual source: the assassins of the Morag Tong. They are the keepers of the peace between the three major houses – for a price, of course. So be careful while adventuring in Vvardenfell, as disrupting the way of life for any of the Great Houses could prove fatal.

Claim Victory in the Battlegrounds

After questing to level 10, players can access the new Battlegrounds. Use the ‘Group & Activity Finder’ menu to queue yourself or your party. A group of four players will battle against two opposing factions in this 4v4v4 PVP mode.

Unlike PVP battles prior to ESO: Morrowind, these are not bound to an Alliance. Instead, players will be fighting for the Pit Daemons, the Fire Drakes, and the Storm Lords, each represented by the color green, orange, and purple, respectively. There are three unique battleground types, and three unique arena maps that the game will randomly choose from.

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