The Elder Scrolls Online New Player Guide: Player vs Player (PvP) Challenges

  • Date: 2017-07-16
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Duels can take place in any non-PvP overland zone. To begin a duel, first open the social interaction wheel when interacting with another player and choose “Invite to Duel". Alternatively, you can also type “/duel [player name]" with a nearby player. 

After the challenged opponent accepts the duel invitation, a flag will appear and there will be a short countdown before you begin, so get ready! Once someone reaches zero hitpoints, the duel will conclude; the losing player will be offered a free resurrection or can also be resurrected by other players.

Note that you can auto-decline duel requests through the Social panel found in the Options menu.

Alliance War

When you reach level 10, you can participate in the Alliance War. In the Alliance War, you battle your fellow players for the glory of your Alliance in Cyrodiil.

To access the Alliance War menu on PC/Mac, press “ L". Console players can access the Alliance War by navigating to Main Menu, then Campaigns.


Before entering Cyrodiil, you'll need to choose a home campaign. You can do so from the Alliance War menu

Once a campaign is selected, you can travel to Cyrodiil from the “Campaign" tab of the Alliance War menu. When multiple campaigns are active, you'll be able to become a guest in a different campaign or choose a new home campaign.

You can change campaigns in the Alliance War interface. You are allowed one free campaign change, but changing a campaign will usually cost you Alliance points to complete.

Alliance Points and Emperorship

You'll earn Alliance Points as you participate in battle throughout Cyrodiil. Killing enemy players, and defending or capturing keeps and resource sites are some of the way you'll earn AP. With AP, you can purchase gear, siege equipment, and more from your alliance's merchants.

Alliance points also help determine your overall score. You can see the top players in your campaign on the “Emperorship" tab of the Alliance War Menu, or in the Leaderboard section of your journal. To be crowned Emperor, have the top score in your Alliance when you control all six of the inner keeps.


Capturing and defending keeps is a key strategy for winning in the Alliance War. You'll need allies to successfully assault an enemy keep and the resources that surround it, so gather your friends and lay siege! Once you've breached a keep's defenses, your alliance must occupy the two inner banners of that keep long enough for it to change ownership.

If you are defending a keep, the walls, doors, and siege weapons can be repaired with the proper repair kit. To repair, target the object you want to work on and use the repair kit from your quickslot.

Siege Weapons

You can use Alliance Points to purchase rams, boiling oil, trebuchets, catapults, and ballistae from the merchants at your alliance main gate or keeps to assist in sieging and defending keeps. To deploy a siege weapon, assign it to your quickslot and use it. A yellow circle will appear on the ground in valid deployment locations.

Each siege weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so try them all out to learn more about them!

Forward Camps

Forward Camps provide you with additional respawn points in Cyrodiil. They are placed like siege weapons, but have a limited duration and can't be placed near another Forward Camp. You can destroy an enemy's Forward Camp by approaching it and making use of the prompt. 

Note that you will need to be Alliance War rank "Tyro 2" before you can place Forward Camps.

Transitus Shrines

Transitus Shrines allow fast travel in Cyrodiil between your alliance's gate and keeps or outposts it controls (provided there is an unbroken link between the locations). Use them to travel quickly to the action.

Elder Scrolls

Each alliance protects two Elder Scrolls, a powerful relic that provides benefits to the entire alliance. 

If your alliance can manage to steal an Elder Scroll from the enemy's heavily-guarded shrines and return it to your alliance's keep, the entire Alliance within your campaign will gain a bonus. Elder Scrolls are not easy to capture, but are well-worth the effort.

Exiting the Alliance War

If you would like to leave Cyrodiil, you can do so from the Wayshrine found in your Alliance's base (the one you started in when you first entered). 


In Battlegrounds, you fight as part of a 4-person team in smaller 4v4v4 arenas. In order to participate in Battlegrounds, you must first reach level 10. To access Battlegrounds, navigate to the Group & Activity Finder menu and select Battlegrounds. The game type will be randomly determined.

Note: You must own The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind in order to access Battlegrounds.

Game Types

There are three unique Battleground game types, and each one offers a different kind of action: 

  • Capture the Relic - Capture enemy relics and bring them back to your base to win.

  • Domination - Capture and hold key locations on the map to win. 

  • You'll be informed of the game type when you enter a match. 

In each game type, you'll win by either reaching the point limit or by having the highest total by the end of the match! Similarly to the Alliance War, taking part in a Battlegrounds match will grant you Alliance Points and additional rewards. Dont forget eso gold farming is not the good idea for quick ESO gold. You can buy some on our site that will help you get a more pleasant game journey!

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