FIFA 18 will make or break the Nintendo Switch

  • Date: 2017-04-11
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Whatever you think of FIFA, the series is an absolute phenomenon. Back in October, FIFA 17 broke sales records, with its week one sales up 18% on the last game. Where other yearly titles are known to be struggling slightly when it comes to numbers, FIFA dominates every year, without fail, and is even still growing.

Though FIFA is a multi-platform release stretching from home consoles to mobile, EA’s support for Nintendo’s platforms have always been a little strange. The Wii U launched with FIFA 13 some three months after game arrived on other consoles. It had a number of new features, but also committed the unforgivable crime of leaving out Ultimate Team and, honestly, it just wasn’t on the same level as even the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts overall. It did have touch screen controls (like FIFA Football on PS Vita), but they felt alien and pointless, though were certainly an attempt to make use of the hardware it was developed for.

In comes Nintendo’s Switch, then. A new home console that’s also portable and has the mantra “Play anywhere, anytime, with anyone”. We’ve enjoyed playing Zelda on the toilet, and we’ve entertained the kids on a long drive with 1-2-Switch. It’s actually true: Switch is, for a change, exactly what the marketing claims it to be, and on top of that it’s got a mountain of indie games coming throughout the year. But what about FIFA, and the supposed ‘Curse of EA’, the idea that without the studio’s full support, a hardware platform flounders, flails and dies?

EA has said that FIFA 18 will come to Nintendo Switch, but while we can be almost certain the game will hit most systems in the autumn, we don’t know when for sure just yet. Peter Moore, (then EA’s chief competition officer, but leaving for a role at his beloved football team, Liverpool FC) simply told GameReactor that “we are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch. It will be FIFA 18, and it will obviously be later this year when FIFA 18 comes out.” The suggestion there is that it should come to Switch at the same time, but if it doesn’t that’s a real body blow to Nintendo’s fledgling but extremely promising console.

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