Is FIFA Street really going to make a return in FIFA 18 this year?

  • Date: 2017-05-26
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It’s been a little more than four years since a FIFA Street game came along. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most wanted features in FIFA 18. The cult football title, where gamers played five or six-aside matches, championed winning with style. Pulling off incredible tricks and demonstrating flair was as important as victory.

Plus, how useful was it to have Peter Crouch and Ronaldinho in the same team? Demand for a new version has already reached fever pitch. Hundreds of fans have flocked to Reddit, demanding that EA releases a new game.


You could play as Messi in the 2012 version of the game – which ditched cartoon graphics for more realistic players 

One simply wrote: “We NEED this.” But just how likely sees if it is that EA will release a reboot? Although there are rumours it could feature in FIFA 18, nothing has been verified yet. Still, there are a few promising signs.

Last year a keen-eyed gamer spotted the FIFA Street servers had been reactivated – sparking rumours a return was imminent. He wrote: “Was having a bit of offline for nostalgia and noticed I connected to the EA servers. Went on the Xbox live part and sure enough it worked!” Although a ‘true’ reboot may not be what’s on the way, some speculate the game may come to Xbox One via their compatibility programme – as well as the EA Vault. The concluding service gives gamers access to a library of older EA titles for £3.99 a month.


Winning was as much about style as it was about goals – fans will hope it returns for FIFA 18

Prior to this, there were talks a Street reboot could be a part of an add-on or DLC for FIFA 17.

One gamer wrote on Reddit: “Realistically with all the skill moves in FIFA yet, it could be the same game just with a smaller pitch. I remember FIFA 98 or 99 playing the indoor mode and it was amazing.”

However, given the focus on FIFA 18 and the Journey Season 2, this may now be unlikely. Last FIFA Street was released in March 2012. Rather than playing in huge stadiums, matches were smaller affairs taking place around the world – from the streets of Amsterdam to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.


The 2012 version of FIFA Street was easily the most refined

Gamers could even create their own team, from details such as crest and team kit, to players and their individual street kits. Elsewhere, FIFA indoor mode was another feature fans wanted to see in FIFA 18 – although this may be unlikely. Please make it happen again EA!

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