Leaked Footage shows FIFA Street Is Coming To FIFA 18

  • Date: 2017-08-28
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Back in 2005 EA went BIG with football. The EA BIG name had been applied previously for SSX, NBA Street, Freekstyle, NFL Street and Def Jam Vendetta but then they used it for football.

FIFA Street brought the skills of street football in the gaming world and was obviously adorned with Ronaldinho on the front cover. Nothing was more fun than embarrassing your mates with flicks and tricks and going past them over and over again. 

There were three more editions of the game with the most recent being the 2012 version. But it's been off the shelf since then and in May creative director Mat Prior ruled out its return telling Dream Team "It's something we're aware of, and we know people ask us about it, but we'll see in the future." But a video from Gamescom 2017 has proved suggested that FIFA Street will return to this year's version of the main game. 

It's exciting news for those who long for the days of FIFA Street and for those who never got to play when it was a stand alone game.

Details of FIFA 18 have started coming out with the release of the official trailer on Monday. Now if players can get fut coins they'll be very happy in FIFA Street version.

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