Forza Horizon 3 Barn Find locations guide

  • Date: 2017-07-27
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Forza Horizon 3’s Southeast Australia setting is the biggest map in the series yet - it’s large enough that it fits not one but four music festivals. With its expansive coasts, vast Outback, and dense forests, there are a lot of places to hide a new set of rare cars; 15 to be exact.

As with prior Forza Horizons, hint circles appear as you progress through the game. From our experience, it didn’t make a difference what events you join in order to trigger these hints. Provided you’re continually participating in activities, purple hint circles should appear every 70 to 80 minutes. You can look forward to diversifying your garage with street legal cars like the Nissan Skyline and beach-ready vehicles like the Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon, as we reveal the location of every Barn Find in the game. Just get Forza Credit for these pretty cars.

Barn Find 1: Ferrari Dino 246 GT

This prized Italian sports car is east of the Dry Reservoir text on the map. It is northwest of the centre of the hint circle, where the field meets the trees. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see a small water tower next to some farming equipment near the barn. There’s also a fence nearby bordering a farm.

Barn Find 2: Lamborghini LM 002

Now you can own the first four wheel drive model Lamborghini ever made. This is northwest of the Silver Sands Shipwrecks. The barn itself is west of the centre of the hint circle. Ignore the dense forests as this fenced barn is all by its lonesome in an open area.

Barn Find 3: Meyers Manx

This is the only dune buggy of the group, found west of the Silver Sands Shipwrecks and north of one of the highways running west to east. It is on the north end of the purple circle - ignore all standalone barns as the one you’re looking for is grouped with another barn and a couple sheds.

Barn Find 4: Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon

This Ford “Woody” can be found east of the Maroondah Reservoir. This barn is west of the centre of the hint circle. There are two off-road (dotted) routes within the hint circle. The barn is at the end of the path of the off-road route west of the circle. You’ll know you’re at the right barn when you see two small silos.

Barn Find 5: Reliant Supervan III

This very unusual three-wheeled racer is immediately east of Redstone Airport. It’s slightly south of the centre of the hint circle. The barn is located up on a small hill surrounded by some barrels, close to the only dirt path within the circle.

(To be continued...)

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