Get ready for the latest summer sale: Store update June!

  • Date: 2017-06-22
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In celebration of our Mythos and Fishing update, RO has filled the in-game store with brand new costumes and gachas and weapon apparels. That’s right. Now is your chance to snag new cosmetics and looks that will help you stand out from the crowd!




Monkey King Weapon Apparels

It is said that the monkey king vests warriors with confidence and courage to tackle the challenges of battle. Prove your combat prowess with our stunning Monkey King Weapon Apparels and show the world that the Monkey King follows and protects you wherever you go!


Name                                                               Price

AurumSeven-Star Sword (Swordmage)          1,688

Nine-Toothed Demon (Blademaster)              1,688

White Dragon Spear (Gunslinger)                  1,688

Vanquishing Shadow Wand (Occultist)          1,688

Ocean's Beck (Vanguard)                               1,688

Peach Bell (Spirit Shaper)                               1,688




New Costumes, Runes & Rainbow Box

Enjoy summer and keep cool in the heat while suppressing the darkness wherever you go with the White Night (female exclusive) outfit or enjoy the high life with the exclusive male Obsidian costume!



Additionally, we offer you Carved Runes II - IV and a Rainbow Box, containing random dyes to customize your outfits.


List of items

Name                                                         Price

AurumWhite Night (30 Days)                      412

White Night Sleeves (30 Days)                   90

White Night Clogs (30 Days)                       90

White Night Hat (30 Days)                          209

White Night (Permanent)                           1,182

White Night Sleeves (Permanent)              272

White Night Clogs (Permanent)                  272

White Night Hat (Permanent)                     622

Obsidian (30 Days)                                    209

Obsidian Ring (30 Days)                            90

Obsidian Pants (30 Days)                         139

Obsidian Boots (30 Days)                          90

Obsidian (Permanent)                              622

Obsidian Ring (Permanent)                      272

Obsidian Pants (Permanent)                    412

Obsidian Boots (Permanent)                    272

Carved Rune II                                          32

Carved Rune III                                         88

Carved Rune IV                                         168

Rainbow Box                                              20


Golden Peach Pack

We are excited to introduce the Golden Peach Pack, a Gacha that may contain valuable items such as currencies, apparels and even mounts for the luckiest of players!

Note: Golden Peach can be traded with a special NPC for the Mystical Gourd Mount.
Whether you are an aspiring warrior or a lucky fellow, our June Sale has got you covered!

Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure and you can buy Revelation Online imperial coins on our site that will help you get a more pleasant game journey!

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