How exploration quests can net you huge rewards and whopping experience in RO?

  • Date: 2017-04-20
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Let me tell you a new guide regarding Exploration Quests! Here I'll be providing some insight into their benefits, what they are and where to find them.


The Basics

Exploration quests are a subset of weekly quests where players are tasked with locating various NPCs throughout the different regions in the world of Nuanor. Each Exploration quest consist of 25 small quests, thus completing each Exploration quest will reward players with huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favors, and various other rewards. Consider grouping up with friends, guild-mates, or even strangers (up to 5) before taking them on, as more hands make lighter work and improve the experience gain even further.

In short, they are an excellent way to explore the vast world of Nuanor while getting rewarded at the same time. Make sure to take memorable screenshots of your favorite scenarios during your journey and hold races between your companions to see who can reach the next checkpoint first! There are 3 different Exploration quests available. Players will be able to unlock the first Exploration Quest starting as early as level 20, with two additional quests unlocking as they progress further (level 30 and 50). These weekly quests can be found under Common Livelihoods.


Where to Start

In order for players to begin these Exploration quests, they must first locate the starting NPC for each of them. If you're unsure where these NPCs are located, you can always click on the quest and click on the NPC's name to enable the auto-tracking feature.

Group Bonuses

Make sure to party with up to 4 other people to get TONs of experience from these quests, each additional person will increase the amount of experience rewarded for each quest completion.


Experience Items

In addition to partying up with others, you can also purchase useful items from the Cash Store called Journey from Lampyr, which doubles the amount of experience received from the completion of Exploration related quests for 30 minutes. Combine this with a full party and you will find Exploration quests to be the fastest and simplest method to gain tremendous amounts of experience. The journey from Lampyr can be bought using Aurum in a single or 12 pack bundle (for the price of 10).


Location: Sulan

Baby: Seafarer’s Wharf (5897, -1966, 4)
This particular chain involves traveling through Seafarer’s Wharf (Sulan Custom House), Eastern Trade Region, Sulan Elite Quarters, Cape Sulan, Ersich Forest, Amanita Hamlet, Darkfall, Falmari Temple and Eventide Bay – a great way to explore and familiarize yourself the many local sights of Sulan.

Location: Lampyr Creek

Ragnal Thanes: Bamboo Path (5468, -428, 2)
Now you’ll be traveling through Bamboo Path, Tidewater Village, Trader’s Ford, Black Empress’s Altar, Divine Overlook, Tidewater Camp, Sunken Galleon, Muroc Wetlands, Tusenwoods and Bear World – be on your guard!

Location: Karstad

Kaiya Padley: Fort Whetstone (-2270, 851, 81)

Lastly, you’ll be exploring Fort Whetstone, Stonefall Pond, Birch Forest, Iron Precipice Keep, Iron Precipice Stronghold, Secret Camp, Flowing Sunds, Karstwald and Karstad County – bring a packed lunch!

The Rewards

Completion of these RO Exploration quests will reward players with huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favors for the areas you have traveled through, Peculiar Tickets, and a Journey Gift Pack from the region. These Journey Gift Packs contain some really useful items such as Egret Feathers, Travel Scrolls, Phlogistons, Scrolls of Banishment, and Gold Bars. Always keep exploration quests in mind – whether for useful items, raw experience points, or even just as an excuse to explore regions of Nuanor as a solo or group tourist!5

Hope you found this guide insightful. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure and you can get some Revelation Online imperial coins on our site that will help you get a more pleasant game journey!

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