Meet Lily Ersina, the Lady of the Forest in Revelation Online

  • Date: 2017-06-26
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Residing in Ersich Forest, Lily Ersina – otherwise known as the Lady of the Forest in Revelation Online – is clearly more than meets the eye. Rumored to be a goddess, this petite lady in flowing pink robes ought not to be trifled with.


Given her friendly and caring nature, most of those who meet her have never considered trying, though that may also have something to do with the subtle hints about her omnipotence.


Serving as guardian of the forest, Lily has no qualms with assisting passing adventurers, provided they harbor no ill will towards the trees and the wildlife living within her domain.


While the forest may be her primary concern, she has no qualm with dedicating time to others, often providing tours of the land to willing participants, or handing out helpful quests, opening the eyes of her temporary companions in the hope that they, too, will learn to respect and care for nature themselves.
This tenderness is also shown in her habit of playing a cupid-like role, facilitating love and relationships between the people of Nuanor, nurturing bonds, love, friendship, and giving couples her blessing.
You don’t have to be a nature lover to seek out the Lady of the Forest and join her on one of her many strolls through the wilds – she’s more than happy to showcase the wonders of the forest and will never turn down assistance when it comes to squashing various evils that seek to burn it down.


For the sake of the forest, or out of a simple desire to crush nightmarish monsters that seek to do harm to Nuanor, you would do well to consult the Lady of the Forest and partake in her missions.


After all, not all guardians retain their faculties over the course of time during their infinite vigil – some going as far as becoming twisted and corrupt versions of their former selves, doing more harm than good.


It is her mission, her responsibility, to fix this problem. She needs renowned adventurers, such as you, to penetrate the dream world and put these corrupted guardians to rest.


Will you aid her noble cause?

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