Join the PC Gamer Club and get 7 days of Runescape

  • Date: 2017-08-02
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Yesterday, we revealed this month's PC Gamer Club game to be HypeTrain Digital's 12 is Better Than 6—a Hotline Miami-styled action stealth 'em up that boasts a lovely-looking hand-drawn aesthetic. Today, we're throwing in a little extra: seven days of Runescape and a PC Gamer-exclusive Fire Lycan pet, created for the game especially by Jagex. 

In celebration of RuneScape's recent Menaphos expansion, your week's membership grants you access to both Runescape and Old School RuneScape—however your pet will only work in the former. The Fire Lycan can evolve into three different forms, as featured here:


Here's how Jagex describes the above: 

"The Legendary Fire Lycan has stepped out of shadow and is ready to unleash its burning inner rage upon your enemies. This ferocious beast has trust for but a few, yet has deemed you a worthy ally. Finding dropped items or scavenging them unseen from the ground as you travel together, the Lycan will even take items to your bank if you command it. A creature of mystical origins, the Fire Lycan is ready to stand steadfast at your side on your adventures!"

Sign up to the PC Gamer Club today and you'll receive your unique Fire Lycan access code. Act fast, though, as stocks are limited. Codes will be mailed out from 18.00 BST each day. GET osrs gold for sale to own your Fire Lycan rightnow.

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