RuneScape Guide: Agility [PART 2]

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Agility Introduction:

Agility is a members only skill in which you can improve the amount of time it takes to run out of energy, gain the ability to clear dangerous obstacles, access to secret areas, and the ability to use shortcuts throughout the land of RuneScape.  

Free-to-play players can level Agility up to level 5 through the Burthorpe course. 

The Karamja gloves 2 will also increase the experience gained from purchasing tickets from Pirate Jackie. Below is a table showing the experience difference while not wearing and wearing the Karamja gloves 2.

Ticket count      No gloves per ticket          No gloves total experience         With gloves per ticket               With gloves total experience

     1                           240                               240                                                       264                                                  264        

     10                         248                                2,480                                                   272                                                 2,720

     25                         260                                6,500                                                   288                                                 7,200

     100                       280                               28,000                                                  308                                                 30,800

   1000                      320                               320,000                                                352                                                352,000

Werewolf and Skullball Courses:

Agility level:
25 Agility (for the Skullball course) and 60 Agility (for the Werewolf course).

Zip Line

In the swamps of Morytania.

Fastest Way to Arrive:
Travel to Canifis and follow the North-Eastern path, past the Slayer Master. From there head South/South-East through the swamp until you reach an area with an Agility symbol. Talk to the Agility Trainer (You must be wearing a Ring of Charos) and go down the trapdoor.

You must be wearing a Ring of Charos to enter the course. This course runs in a square (see the map below) so it is advised to to start at the beginning (log balance) and travel counter-clockwise. The obstacles on this course cannot be failed, except the zip wire. If you retrieve the stick and bring it back to the Agility Boss at the arena, you will receive bonus experience.

Course Map: 

Werewolf map

Experience Table:

Objec                    Failable?                         Experience Gained

Stepping Stones    No                                    50 (10 per stone)

Hurdles                  No                                    60 (20 per hurdle)

Pipe                       No                                    15

Skull Slope            No                                     25

Zip Line                 Yes                                  200

Retrieving the Stick N/A                                 190

Completed Course   N/A                                350

Note: If you fail the zip line, you will lose lifepoints and will not gain the full experience.


Skullball is an Agility minigame. You must kick a skullball through each goal as fast as you can to complete the course. There are 10 goals plus one final goal that you must kick the ball through in order to receive Agility experience. You will gain 750 experience if you can complete the course in 4 minutes or less.

You can perform 3 actions in Skullball - tap, kick and shoot.

If the skullball goes through a goal then its total distance traveled will decrease by one space.

Action                      Spaces Moved

Tap                             1

Kick                            4

Shoot                         10

Agility Pyramid

Agility level:
30 Agility

Agility Pyramid

In the Desert; head East from the Crocodile pond North of Sophanem, and run past the Wanderer's tent until you see the pyramid.

Fastest Way to Arrive:
Use the Jaleustrophos teleport of the Pharaoh's sceptre, use the Camulet teleport and head South-East, or use Desert Amulet 2 to teleport to Nardah and head South-West.

Speak to Simon Templeton to begin the course.

The main goal of the course is to not only complete it, but to reach the top and obtain the artifact, which Simon will pay 1000gp for. Though you can attempt to pass any obstacle backwards, you will always fail in doing so while taking minimal damage. This can be an effective way to leave the pyramid if you run out of water or food.

It is necessary to bring  Waterskins or choc-ices, desert robes (top and bottom), a shantay pass, some food, a bowl of water (if you have completed Spirits of the Elid), and an Enchanted Water Tiara is useful.

Course Map: 

Agility Pyramid Course

Experience Table:


Number              Action                                         Experience Gained

1                       Enter using Climbing Rocks                 5

2                       Leave using Climbing Rocks1Floor      1

Number            Obstacle                                      Experience Gained

1                      Stone Block                                           12

2                      Low Wall                                                8

3                      Ledge                                                   56.4

4                      Plank                                                    56.4

5                      Stone Block                                           12

6                      Gap (Sliding)                                          57

7                      Ledge                                                     20

Floor Total                                                                     116

                                             Floor 2

umber                Obstacle                                     Experience Gained

1                       Gap (Sliding)                                      22

2                       Gap (Jumping)                                   22

3                       Gap (Sliding)                                      22

4                        Stone Block                                       12

5                         Ledge                                               56.4

6                        Low Wall                                             8

7                      Gap (Jumping)                                      22

Floor Total                                                                   128

                                             Floor 3

Number            Obstacle                                      Experience Gained

1                       Low Wall                                              8

2                       Ledge                                                56.4

3                      Gap (Jumping)                                    22

4                        Plank                                                56.4

Floor Total                                                                    72

                                             Floor 4

Number               Obstacle                                    Experience Gained

1                         Gap (Jumping)                                22

2                         Stone Block                                     12

3                         Gap (Jumping)                                 22

4                         Low Wall                                           8

Floor Total                                                                  64

                                             Floor 5

Number                Obstacle                                   Experience Gained

1                         Climbing Rocks (Artefact)                  0

2                         Stone Block                                       12

3                         Gap (Jumping)                                  22

Floor Total                                                                   34


Obstacle                                                                Experience Gained

Bonus (Exit Stairs)                     &n

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