RuneScape Tournament Left Without a Winner After Massive Cheat Concerns

  • Date: 2017-09-30
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Rampant cheating allegations is leaving a recent RuneScape tournament in limbo as the developer and organizer of the event can't decide on who won by fair measures. 

The recent Deadman final, put on by a division of the developer Jagex called "The Old School Team," put 200 top players against each other in a 2007 build of the MMO, all vying for a $20,000 cash pot and a $10,000 charity donation. In the final, 50 players were put on one of four islands, tasked with battling one another. However, for reasons currently unclear, seven players on the "red island" decided to ignore these rules, refusing to fight and forming an alliance of sorts. But you can buy old school runescape gold on without any fighting.

"The red island was warned repeatedly, and we reached out many, many times to them. Whilst we did appropriately warn players that failure to fight would result in disqualification," the developer said. All seven players were removed from the tournament.

Red island was in no way the only issues the even faced. As Compete details, many of the other 200 players were unwillingly removed from the game, leading many to believe the tournament was the victim of a series of DDOS attacks. While it's unclear as of right now who is responsible for these attacks, the outlet points out Runescape clan Reign of Terror has been accused of similar attacks in other tournaments, despite the fact the behavior is against its rules. 

This, still, isn't the last problem the Deadman final had to deal with; the actual winner of the event has since been disqualified. According to Jagex, user 5PLUS50K12 created and used a botfarm during the competition, which, as Compete points out, could've assisted the user in sending out DDOS attacks against other competitors, though it hasn't been proven whether or not 5PLUS50K12 is indeed responsible for the attacks. 

One key question all of this poses is: how? In order to perform a DDOS attack, one would need access to another user's IP address. The thought of a competitor having access to any number of 500 users' addresses has raised some eyebrows in the RuneScape community. Some fans are now accusing Jagex employee and competition organizer Jed Sanderson as acting as a man on the inside for whoever is responsible for the DDOS attacks, citing the employee's frequent number of posts made about Reign on Terror. Again, no proof has been offered as to the validity of these accusations, though Jagex did briefly mention it's aware of the feelings of "staff favoritism" in its post. 

This whole mess leaves one issue on the table: what happens to the prize money? Without a winner, it hasn't been awarded to anyone. "At the moment we’re discussing what to do with it," Jagex said. "A few ideas we have at the moment are another charitable donation, dispersing the money among the finalists, or carrying it over to the next season (or a combination of all of these)." 

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