RuneScape earns three more Guinness World Records

  • Date: 2017-08-08
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RuneScape already holds, quite frankly, a silly amount of records with Guinness World Records. Now, with the newest update to the Guinness World of Records: Gamers' Edition, the popular MMO has added another trio to the records. Among the stats that Stephen Daultrey, editor of Guinness World of Records: Gamers’ Edition presented to Jagex was the award for Runescape’s official music count. Including expansions Runescape holds the record for ‘Most original pieces of music in a video game’ with 1,198 tracks. Unfortunately, they didn’t add that up by minutes and seconds so the debate over what counts as the most music can still rage on.

This time around, Cambridge-based developer Jagex has been awarded 'Most original pieces of music in a video game' (1,198 - including expansions), the 'Most prolifically updated MMORPG' (1,014 updates) and 'Most users of an MMO' (254,994,744 as of July 25th, 2017).

“For over 16 years we’ve been dedicated to making RuneScape one of the most successful MMORPGs," Jagex said in a statement to Develop. "Dedication’s what you need if you want to be the best (and beat the rest).”

Outside of music, Runescape now holds several other illustrious and dubious new honors including:

  • Most users of an MMO video game, which as of 25th July 2017 was 254,994,744

  • Most prolifically updated MMORPG video game, at 1,014 updates.

  • Most fish in a video game, with eight billion caught in 2012

  • First MMO video game to release an ‘old school’ version

These awards can now be added to the already plentiful haul of previous Guinness World Records. Jagex has nine records so far which include 'Most bots banned in a week', 'Most complex HTML 5 code in a videogame' and 'Most Fish in a videogame'. For anyone looking to take that last record, 8 billion fish were caught in RuneScape during 2012. So you'd best get to developing that fishing mechanic. And no auto fishing machines like in Minecraft, real fishing, please. Now players can sign into runescape buy gold and enjoy these wonderful music in game.

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