Runescape Has Made $800 Million, Old School Runescape Open Beta Arrives on Android

  • Date: 2018-07-12
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Old School Runescape developer Jagex has revealed that the franchise in its 17 years of existing has made more than 800 million dollars in lifetime sales. In addition, some other stats were given about the series and its three MMO variations. According to Jagex CEO Phil Mansell, there have been more than 250 million player accounts created in the span of its life and that number is still growing consistently.

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These stats were revealed during Develop: Brighton 2018. With so many player accounts created, it’s even more surprising that the average life of an active account is more than seven years. These stats arrive alongside the Old School Runescape open beta on Android mobile devices. You can go on your phone right now and download the entire MMO and play it.

Old School Runescape Android Mobile Release Date

We already knew that Old School Runescape would be coming to mobile eventually, but it has been delayed multiple times since its original announcement. Thankfully, the wait is over – well, for some. Android users around the world have access to the open beta with an iOS release set to arrive later this summer. Unfortunately, this open beta does come with some caveats.

It’s easy enough to find the Old School Runescape Android open beta by simply searching for it on the Google Play store. You can even log in and use your favorite PC account on the mobile version with all stats and items carrying over. The catch right now is that you must be an active member and have an active monthly subscription on your preferred account in order to enjoy the open mobile beta.

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Believe it or not, not all hope is lost, though. Old School Runescape does allow you to purchase a membership using in-game currency. Well, indirectly that is. You can buy “bonds” in-game from other players in the game using the Grand Exchange market. Bonds are selling right now for just over four million gold. If you don’t have a membership or the gold to buy one, check out some news about the beta and a different upcoming mobile game called 

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