Runescape Patch Notes 226: What’s Changed in the July 2 Update?

  • Date: 2018-07-05
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runescape update 226

Whether you know your Zezimas from your Kalphite Queens or just fancy another spin at the MMORPG that once took over the world, the Runescape patch notes 226 for the July 2 update might just tempt you back into the fold. No, really. There’s an emphasis on Elite Dungeon fixes, which should see even the most jaded adventurer want to return to Jagex’s jewel in the crown.

Runescape Patch Notes 226: What’s Been Changed?runescape 2007 gold

As you’ll soon be able to tell from the full patch notes below, the July 2 Runescape update is focusing primarily on Elite Dungeons, a concept they only just introduced to the game as of June 2018. Insomuch as major gameplay changes, there is very little. However, drop rates, hit points of certain bosses and a slight change to group dynamics in Elite Dungeons are the name of the game this week.

Runescape Patch Notes 226: Elite Dungeons

If you need a primer on Elite Dungeons, here’s the skinny: they are essentially large dungeons of which you can play through for either the story, or solo and in a group for loot and grinding purposes. They function similarly to raids in both Runescape and other similar titles such as World of Warcraft. The first dungeon of three planned, the Temple of Aminishi, was released on June 25, 2018.

Runescape Patch Notes 226: Full Patch Notes

These patch notes come via the official Runescape forums, where you can also leave feedback on the July 2 update should you wish.

Elite Dungeons

  • Equipping certain pieces of fully degraded augmented degrade to dust armour will no longer cause a disconnection.

  • All members of the group will now be able to see random loot spawns within the Aminishi dungeon  runescape 2007 gold

  • Cleansed Seiryu no longer attempts to attack players directly under it.

  • ‘Force of a Great Typhoon’ Achievement is now correctly completable.

For the remaining patch notes, which include many minor fixes (that are still very much appreciated!), click here for the full list.

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