Runescape launches zombie survival event

  • Date: 2017-10-17
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Dimension of the Damned

If you fancy a chance to win 200 million in-game gold pieces for Runescape then you may want to consider taking part in the Dimension of the Damned event that starts today.  Developers Jagex, have announced the start of the brand new 10 day PvE zombie survival experiences and sees players thrown into an alternate dimension to survive undead hordes.  Get in the mood for zombie slaying in the new trailer below…

Dimension of the Damned takes players to an alternate Gielinor where the dead are increasing to take vengeance upon the living.  Each player will get one hour to gain resources and slay the oncoming hordes and gain as high a score as possible.  Although each entry lasts only an hour it can be attempted multiple times with your best score overall being taken into account for entry to the finale.  The final showdown will take place on the 28th October with the top 1000 highest scoring entries eligible to take place and the winner will be the final person standing.

Every player taking part will be rewarded with the survivor outfit and the RIP axe, the 1000 finalists will also gain the new ‘The Damned’ title and the final 10 will also have their name engraved on the statue in Falador plus a Dimension of the Damned pet.  The final five players will have an all-expenses paid trip to Jagex and a year’s Premier Club membership for free whilst the winner will gain all the above PLUS 200 million GP, lifetime RuneScape membership, a real-world zombie award and the title ‘King/Queen of the Damned’.

Remember, the Dimension of the Damned only runs for 10 days so get surviving and remember to let us know if you are the winner. Now get cheap rs gold on virsale and login Runescape world waiting zombies coming.

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