Runescape suggestion about quest "Father Like Daughter"

  • Date: 2017-04-24
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Quest Aims:

  • Create a nostalgic quest reminiscent of While Guthix Sleeps / RotM, exploring similar lore.

  • Graphically update some areas present in the above quests, by having the player go back to those locations. This would thus improve WGS / RotM, bringing their graphics up to date.

  • Explore the character Moia, and the mysteries around her, as well as her relationship with her father, Lucien.

  • Bring new lore things such as Ikov / The Temple of Ikov, Staff of Armadyl, Stone of Jas timeline, Guthix, Nomad, Balance Elemental, Dragonkin, Sir Tiffy, Dagon'Hai, Movario, Darve, Bilrach, Skaldrun, Thok

  • Learn more about the dream towards the end of RotM

Quest Requirements:

  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat

  • Dishonour Among Thieves

  • The World Wakes

  • Nadir - Dungeoneering Saga

Possible locations:

  • Temple of Ikov

  • Daemonheim

  • Floor 61

  • Ritual Grounds

  • Temple of Guthix (Lumbridge)

  • Lucien's Camp

  • Black Knights Fortress

Quest content:

  • Quest could begin by talking to Sir Tiffy, explaining to him that Lucien has a daughter and that she is incredibly powerful. You could also talk about Bilrach's plot to use Daemonheim as an army for Zamorak, but this would make Children of Mah a requirement. It's also possible that Sir Tiffy could die within this quest, due to the dream at the end of RotM.

  • The Quest could then involve breaking into Lucien's Camp (and other locations) to find out extra information on Moia, or asking Movario / or others, what they know about her. Once enough information has been gathered the rest of the quest could involve learning who her mother is, tracking Moia down, exploring her relationship with her father and Bilrach.

  • A huge part of this quest could be exploring Bilrach's plot to use Daemonheim as an army for Zamorak and how Moia features in this, but as I said earlier, that runs the risk of making Children of Mah a requirement.

  • This quest could also heavily feature Floor 61, but I also wouldn't want to clash with what was already planned for F61.

Quest Rewards:

  • Acolyte Armour (Prayer Armour, with a significant prayer drain reduction / prayer set effect)

  • It's also possible that this could feature a magic and ranged set, with the magic set being updated Dagon'hai Robes.

  • Moia Bobblehead Pet / Undead Broav Pet

  • Ability to rarely find portals within Daemonheim, which can be drained for a damage / resource collection speed amplifier.

  • Ability to restore Edgeville (if not done within the Quest)

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