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RuneScape: December Mega Patch!

RuneScape: December Mega Patch!

2017-12-09 This week, RuneScape new mega-patch features the heftiest collection of game-wide quality-of-life fixes you have seen all year! You will find the much-needed slayer improvements, more than 50 fixes as well as an updated free-to-play experience.

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Runescape Treasure Hunter  Ghostweave Returns

Runescape Treasure Hunter Ghostweave Returns

2017-10-25 Ghostweave has returned this year, bringing with it the 6 old outfits and 10 new ones to weave!

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RuneScape News: Golden Glow

RuneScape News: Golden Glow

2017-10-18 That's right! This week the Golden Glow magic has settled and as a standard you will see all white prizes on the ticker be replaced with yellow prizes!

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