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Meet Lily Ersina, the Lady of the Forest in Revelation Online

2017-06-26 Residing in Ersich Forest, Lily Ersina – otherwise known as the Lady of the Forest – is clearly more than meets the eye.

Get ready for the latest summer sale: Store update June!

2017-06-22 In celebration of our Mythos and Fishing update, we have filled the in-game store with brand new costumes and gachas and weapon apparels. That’s right, now is your chance to snag new cosmetics and looks that will help you stand out from the crowd!

Revelation Online Introduces New Dungeon The Sunken Galleon

2017-06-17 Scour Dungeons sound like a lot of fun for players who want a challenge in PvE though hopefully, The Sunken Galleon’s spelunking vibe isn’t too annoying, as nobody likes underwater content. It’s also nice to see the team give the community a fresh chance at those Server-Firsts following the server merge and taking community feedback onboard.

Revelation Online Iceborn update now goes live

2017-05-27 has just confirmed that the Revelation Online Iceborn update is now live for all players of this fantasy MMORPG. This update brings a Guild versus Guild tournament, a new icy battleground where you pick your side between the Ursids and the Wingars.

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