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'Next Gen' Runescape Project Accidentally Leaked by the Developer

2017-05-18 A simple misclick has the Runescape community guessing at what might be next for the MMO.

Runescape Game Guide: Combat

2017-05-13 RuneScape's combat‚Äč is exciting and challenging, with many different options and abilities to choose from. Read this article to find out why Combat is such a huge part of RuneScape's gameplay.

Runescape put audio adventures to Alexa assistant APP of Amazon

2017-05-06 Jagex has partnered with Amazon to bring a selection of RuneScape audio adventures to its Alexa assistant app. By downloading the RuneScape Quests skill to Alexa, players can go on audio adventures.

Teen hacker attacks on Minecraft and Runescape sentenced to 2 years in prison

2017-04-30 Writing a user-friendly DDOS program pays well teen hacker on Minecraft and Runescape, apparently, but the law eventually comes knocking he was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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