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RuneScape is a game made by RuneScape company Jagex, the game studios (Jagex Games Studio) who made massively multi-player online role-playing game. This is the second largest game in the world after the World Of Warcraft, and has won the Guinness World Records "One of the most popular free MMORPG game". The game has always been to the rich plot, the large trading systems and playing ability, is famous for its strong flexibility. It has English, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese versions. The game does not have to install the client, but you need to install Java before operation.

In the game, there are 26 kinds of skills, each skill level cap is similar to most of the online game, for the class of 99. When the player's skills are at this level, the member will have corresponding technology using lots of RuneScape gold (also called RS gold, money or gp) to buy a cloak to show the achievements in this technology, namely the cape of achievement, commonly called skill cape.

Players need a lot of RuneScape money, maybe hundreds of millions, to enhance their skills and buy all kinds of equipment. You can also use the RS gp for some special items, including party hats, holiday dresses and so on.

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