Elder Scrolls Online Releases In-Depth Look at Clockwork City DLC

  • Date: 2017-09-22
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The Elder Scrolls Online released a Clockwork City Adventure Guide which has plenty of information for fans of the MMORPG and the upcoming DLC. The Clockwork City DLC will allow players to enter into Sotha Sil’s masterwork, which is a tiny city made by the Living God. In fact, the Clockwork City will actually be a full-on zone for players to explore with its own quests, collectibles, and storylines.

According to the Clockwork City Adventure Guide, there are six specific locations that players should keep their eyes peeled for when the DLC releases. The developers even included the map of the Clockwork City zone with numbers indicating where each spot is located. While the Adventure Guide posted on the Elder Scrolls Online’s official website will give you all the details, we’ll go over the important bits here.

The first spot the devs draw attention to is the Brass Fortress. The Brass Fortress is said to be the Clockwork City zone’s safe area in which you will find plenty of NPCs selling their wares or enlisting you to help them on quests like every other town in the game. There will also be a Transmutation Station (which is a great name for a band) and a wayshrine.

Next up on the list of tourist destinations is the Mechanical Fundament. This is the subterranean labyrinth beneath the Brass Fortress in which is “crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums”. I can imagine there will be a number of quests to be had down here while in search of “scrap and clockwork treasures”. The guide warns players to “be ready for anything” in the Mechanical Fundament so if you decide to head down there, be cautious.

 The third stop on the Clockwork City Adventure Guide is the Halls of Regulation. This area is one of the two delves you will find in the Clockwork City. Apparently, in order to even maintain existence, the entire Clockwork City relies on the Halls of Regulation. It provides breathable air, drinkable water, temperature, and even wind currents. It is said to be inhabited by malfunctioning clockwork constructions, though, so watch your step!

Elder Scrolls Online Clockwork City DLC Halls of Regulation

After the Halls of Regulation comes the Shadow Cleft. This specific area has ties to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, and serves as the second of the two delves found in the Clockwork City DLC. The Adventure Guide tells us that if you have “explored Daedric realms in the past, this delve should be right up your alley.” We have never gotten the chance to see Nocturnal’s realm of Oblivion so this delve is particularly interesting to any lore buffs that might enjoy reading up on Daedric Princes.

The fifth area the developers have brought to our attention is the Sanctuary of Verification, which houses one of the two Clockwork City World Bosses. Apparently the boss that resides here, called the Imperfect, is quite challenging. The devs warn players not to take it on alone, as it “improves itself by demolishing would-be challengers”.

And the sixth and final spot on the Clockwork City map that we got to learn about today is the Asylum Sanctorium. We have already heard a bit about the more mechanical side of this new Trial in the preview for the DLC we saw earlier this month. However, we got a bit of a taste of lore in the Adventure Guide. According to the write-up, the Asylum Sanctorium is “Half house of healing, half shrine” which houses mad Dark Elves that Sotha Sil has turned into machines.

Of course, these are only six of many explorable areas in the new Elder Scrolls Online Clockwork City DLC. The DLC will release later this fall but is currently available on PTS if you just can’t wait. If you want more Elder Scrolls Online content be sure to check out our last article in which we looked at the Clockwork City character called Divayth Fyr. And of course you can buy eso gold on Virsale to get your adventure more easily in TESO world.

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