Five Reasons to Jump Into The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Date: 2017-09-07
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At PAX West 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with the Creative Director at ZeniMax Online, Rich Lambert regarding the state of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) as well as its future. As a once avid MMORPG player, I am often on the lookout for that next MMO to draw me in. ESO has been constantly on my radar not only because of its genre but because of the franchise behind it. With the release of ESO: Morrowind, the game has become especially intriguing for me given my first experience with the series was with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. After speaking with Lambert, here are five reasons we found for players on the fence to hop over into The Elder Scrolls Online. This list is intended for those unfamiliar or uncertain about playing the game.

1 – Streamlined Tutorial

One of the things that Lambert spoke about ESO was that they learned from the original release that the tutorial was too long. To get players into the game faster, they put only the basics required as a tutorial for those hopping into ESO: Morrowind in order to get them into the action faster. In the original ESO, the tutorial was all encompassing and an information overload for new players. With ESO: Morrowind, players jump right into the action and have tutorials on new mechanics when necessary.

2 – Play Solo or With Others

In ESO, players are able to finish most of the content individually, with some endgame content requiring to be grouped. This means that players do not need to group up with people in order to keep up, but can play what they want when they want. This is especially helpful for players with only a limited amount of time to play the game, and not enough time to find a group.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Top

3 – It FEELS Like The Elder Scrolls

During my conversation with Lambert, I was also going hands-on with ESO for the first time using both keyboard-and-mouse and a controller. Having played the series on both peripherals in the past, I was pleasantly surprised that the game felt like a single player iteration of the series to me. While that is not out of the question, I was still pleased that the feeling had been captured. Were it not for other players running around, I would be mistaken that the game was an MMO at all. For those not interested in ESO as an MMO, the title can be played solo as previously mentioned while also feeling like a single player Elder Scrolls title.

4 – Console Versions Not an Afterthought

In addition to PC, ESO is available on the PS4 and Xbox One (and it will also support the Xbox One X at launch). While the console versions do receive the game updates after the PC version, the versions are balanced the same, giving players the same base experience. With over 10 million players in ESO now, the game will definitely be supported for some time on all platforms. In particular, the console versions have a robust player count as well, and console players will not feel like the game is empty compared to the PC version.

5 – Longevity

While the plans are still a secret, Lambert has plans for ESO past 2020. While that is just a couple years and months away, it is a clear indication the ESO will be supported for a very long time so long as players are playing. Particularly, it was noted that a lot of Tamriel is left unvisited thus far. Players taking the plunge into this MMO can be reassured that their purchase is one that is long-term rather than not. With the ability to play when and how you like, the content in ESO will also keep players busy until these future updates arrive. For those currently playing, Horns of the Reach will be sure to keep you busy for the next little while. Ok, now you just need get cheap eso gold and login TESO world.

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